It’s funny how things fall in line if you pay attention to the sequence.  In an earlier post this week I mentioned the verbose and yet lovable NeNe Leakes of the smash reality show Real Housewives of Atlanta which just had a fiery season premier last week. After witnessing the show’s shenanigans, I discussed with a friend how the classic city of high powered corporations and southern charm has risen to the heights of the media due to its influx of hip hop masters and their mistresses, fashion whores and overall wannabes.  Reality TV and music have diluted the grandeur of the historic locale and replaced it with pretentious hyperactive normalcy in the public eye.

Soon there after, I came across a blog post on The Decorista titled The New Atlanta in which she highlights a stately Atlanta home designed by mother-daughter tag team Margaux Interiors Ltd.  The home was gorgeous and classically modern.  Such a joy to work on that the designers fixed it up twice for two consecutive families that called the place home.  It was even featured in Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine both go-arounds.  The design truly exhibited the New South in how it mixed antiques of various periods with more contemporary textures, colors, patterns and art.  Bold, yet understated was the attitude that proved to be comfortable for a young family and yet appropriate for formal gatherings.  I was relieved to see the more refined side of Hotlanta in the spotlight and reminded of why I love the South and its future.

I need this room. Masculine and cool. Makes you want to don a velvet jacket and smoke something expensive.

Never forget the steps, often a mixed opportunity but not here

Don’t be afraid, teal is back

Yellow never looked so good & its just enough

Fun color combo and the art makes it all make sense

*All images: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine


The Dream

Everyone has a dream they strive to achieve or at least a notion they store at the back of their subconscious as a reminder that if they one day tell their boss to “shove it”, they have a much more exciting plan B to fall back on.  Sometime I feel there are so many floating around in my head that cumulus clouds are forming.  But I am not alone… Carrie dreamed of a spacious closet to store her love and retail addiction….

and LeBron dreamed of winning a gaudy Championship ring, twice.

As for me, I have dreamed of the perfect urban apartment.  It would be located in a debonair historic edifice with picturesque views of the city, heavy moldings and character-to-boot.  A little overdose on the decor with enlivened art, bold pattern mixtures and saturated color splashes.  In the April issue of Architectural Digest I found my Shangri-La.  Not only was the space inspiring but so was the story of its owner, David Jimenez, who worked his way up from folding basics at Gap to becoming an executive at Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and now Hallmark Cards, based in Kansas City.  My favorites were the adventurous rugs, unique antiques, the dynamic monochromatic artwork and the sumptuously textured furnishings.  Hopefully you too can find your definition of the epitome of design perfection because we all need something to dream for.

David Jimenez, AD

Living Room, AD

Entry, AD

Library, AD

Dining Room, AD

Master Bedroom, AD

Dressing Room, AD

Music Closet, AD

Tis’ The Season

It’s that time of the year again.  No I’m not talking about Uncle Sam’s attempt to suck your dry during tax season….I’m referring to Showhouse Season.  As spring rolls in with rising temperatures and pleasant weekends, so comes the perfect opportunity to peruse designer experiments, room-by-room, in some of the most fascinating abodes across the country.  Not only do these events provide you with a inspiration overload but the proceeds go to some great charities and causes.

The granddaddy of the show home tour is the Kips Bay Decorator Show House.  All of the haute guys and gals of the design world exhibit their stylings at this annual celebration (May 7 and June 4).  Over four decades, the “ladies who lunch” committee has raised over $17 million for the Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club.  Tell me that isn’t inspiring.  Check out the delectables from last year to get a taste of what to expect.

Susan Zises Green

James Rizner

Bunny Williams

Todd Alexander Romano

Brian del Toro

Lynne Scalo Design

Although I can’t make it up to the Big Apple this season, I have planned to visit the gorgeous Adamsleigh Estate in Greensboro, NC for the Traditional Home Magazine sponsored show house (April 20-May 5) benefiting the local Junior League of post-sorority girls.  Fab designers from up and down the east coast have convened on the furniture state to soak in the nostalgic luxuriousness of the palatial home of textile magnate “Hamp” Adams (sounds like a good ol’ boy).

Adamsleigh Show House

Some other great venues you may want to check out…

Atlanta Decorators’ Show House & Gardens (April 20- May 12)

Hampton Designer Showhouse (July 21- September 2)

San Francisco Decorator Showcase (April 27- May 27)


Washington, DC Design House (April 14- May 12)