#WhatISaw This Weekend in Liberty

My parents and I had a walk down memory lane (more them than me) as we took the pioneers’ trail down to the big city of Liberty, North Carolina for the semi-annual Liberty Antiques Festival.  Twice a year in the last weekends of September and April, more than 400 dealers from more than 25 states descend on the quaint town of Liberty for the ultimate ho-down of antique furniture, pottery, jewelry, glassware and other fun stuff.  This makes for a great weekend staycation or short trip.  You can get your antiquing on plus eat at the down home vendors serving homemade ice cream, lemonade, kettle corn and Carolina BBQ.  Also, another plus of the festival is that no crafts or reproductions are allowed so you know you are looking at the real deal.  Just make sure you don’t hit a cow on your drive in.

Sept 2013 104

Sept 2013 105

Free parking and only 7 bucks to enter

Sept 2013 106

Everybody loves old Coke signs plus the scales are great decor to fill a table top

Sept 2013 111

Don’t know if these letters still light up but hang em on a wall anyway

Sept 2013 114

Great room divider to define a space

Sept 2013 107 Sept 2013 109

Sept 2013 110

Hide your secrets or at least your blankets

Sept 2013 112 Sept 2013 113

Sept 2013 115

Sept 2013 116

Colored glass to fill glass front cabinets

Sept 2013 117

Stacked luggage= Side table

Sept 2013 118

Sept 2013 119

Game table, anyone?

Sept 2013 120

Sept 2013 121

Needs some TLC but this mantle would be chic in a bold color like black or red

Sept 2013 122

The jury is still out on these old birds

The jury is still out on these old birds


2013 Forecast: Bold and Beautiful Hues

Wow that’s some life: The Atlantic

Remember the complicated storylines, big hair and bling, debonair beaus and steamy love scenes of the soap operas of old?  Oh how exciting the drama and lushness of these imaginary eventful lives appeared.  Just as “The Bold and the Beautiful” used to put our grandmothers into a trance, bold color is popping up over all design channels.

Walls, upholstered pieces and accessories are proudly displaying their peacock feathers in vibrant shades of yellow, green and pumped up cool colors.  The days of “All Neutral Everything” are over. However these shining stars shine brightest when they are given the leading role and not made to compete with too many other divas.  They perform best in an ensemble cast including rich woods, stark whites, glossy blacks or natural textures.  Allow these bold shades to do all the work, while more subdued colors paint the backdrop warm and easy.

This year, pick out the drama queen shade of your cinematic dreams and have a little design battle….Dynasty style.

Golden Delight

Envious Greens

Crazy, Sexy, Cool