Determined Art

I admire those in creative industries for their drive to take the leap of faith into the unforgiving independent world of art.  It takes some Cojones to take that chance and to utilize your art for sustenance.  One of those champions is Chuck Close, an American painter and photographer that has been doing his own thing for most of his life.  Despite suffering severe permanent paralysis in the late 1980s, he is determined to create and tweak his craft, stating that “I always try to be a different artist than I was the year before.”

Self-Portrait: Walker Art

If you leisurely happen upon East Hampton this summer, his works will be on exhibit at Guild Hall starting August 10.  His focus has been on human faces ranging from the Average Joe to POTUS Obama.  The nature of his photography is intriguing as it captures the simple being of the subject.  My favorites are the pixilated sketches and watercolors that captivate the eye.  Such photorealism can fit into various design realms, from the modern hipster to the glam traditionalist.  Instituting such art demands that it be allowed to stand on its own.  Don’t worry about matching it with the space because with faces like some of his subjects, no help is needed.

Self-portrait: Design Milk

Kate Moss: Home & Design

Kate Moss: Home & Design

A Thomas Jayne Room: Architectural Digest

President Obama: Pace Gallery

Janis Provisor: NY Social Diary

Jamie Drake: NY Social Diary

Linda: Urban Muse


Art Smart

Ever glanced over a well-dressed space and been totally amazed how perfectly the artwork sets off the overall atmosphere?  The right choice of artwork can truly elevate a space to heavenly altitudes.  You may desire something that subtly melds with the color scheme or something completely out of left field to kick it up a notch.   Art is very important and can easily be the inspiration for a space.  Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to find the dream piece or at least something you can afford.

Mavens adamantly enforce that art is a smart investment.  That is true but it is really easy when you have the funds to spend ridiculous paper at Sotheby’s auctions.  For the rest of us regular folk attempting to design champagne sipping rooms on PBR beer budgets, that is a little hard to digest.  Now with the help of the internet, great artwork can be achieved by anyone with a descent Wi-Fi signal.  Check out these great finds from my favorite sources:



Try your hand at the auctions to snag some fine wall jewelry.  I prefer to look for original art “Direct from Artist” and support the struggling artist.  The search tool makes finding the perfect genre much easier.



The more granola cousin of Ebay….Etsy is a virtual flea market for artists and crafters.  They have their own individual stores which allows you to discover the next budding Picasso or Kehinde Wiley.


The Tappan Collective

This fresh new site was started by two young University of Michigan alums with a love of art hoping to assist emerging artists to promote their works and finally make some lunch money.  The girls are on the guest lists at many hot art spots around the world and share their findings on the site which has modest pricing for original artwork and limited edition prints.


Society 6

Society 6 is a little different in that it allows artists from around the world to set up shops to sell their work in various forms.  Not only can you get a cool artwork print, you can also have it applied to t-shirts, an iPhone case and other quirky products.  Strolling through the site is so much fun and can alleviate that 2:30 feeling at work.