Wallpaper Lives

Every night on HGTV House Hunters there is a couple searching for their perfect home with overzealous expectations and far-reaching budgets complaining about brass bathroom fixtures or ugly carpet.  Even more than that, they are always protesting wallpaper like “who still uses wallpaper?”  Why does everyone have such disdain for this decorating staple nowadays?  I guess because most unassuming citizens have not looked past their grandmom’s inundation of florals and vines, seashells and country-kitchen rooster patterned wallpapers.  The world of wallpaper has come a long way….thank God…. and you should be her for this moment!

My client, Lady E, was also a little concerned when I suggested wallpaper for her small cornhusk green powder room.  I suggested that a medium-sized print with a small repeat (the vertical distance between where the pattern is identical again) would liven up the small space but not overwhelm it.  We found the perfect chose at a local design hot spot, Dero’s Interiors.  The paper has a slight metallic sheen to it which catches light and creates interest for the eye.

Dec 14 2014 018 USE

The rich chocolate color allowed the white and chrome fixtures to pop, as well as the baby blue colored accessories we found at HomeGoods.Dec 14 2014 016 USEDec 14 2014 020 USE

Every room of the house needs a little bit of nature so we added a faux succulent plant and a canvas of the beach, one of the client’s favorite retreats.Dec 14 2014 021 USE

Everyone loves a pedestal sink until they remember the downfall…. no storage.  So we found a handy cabinet at Home Depot that added space for towels, toilet paper and decorative accessories like candles which she loved.Dec 14 2014 022 USE

So take a chance with wallpaper.  If you are still uneasy, start off with a small or lightly used space like a bathroom or dining room.  These are the rooms you can always kick it up a notch and experiment.  Take home a few samples and see what a difference wallpaper can make.


2013 Forecast: IKAT

Over the past few years designer showrooms have been quietly and sometimes loudly inundated with ethnic patterns: particularly with Ikat gyrating its way into the drum circle.  The origin of this earthy pattern is unknown but believed to have initially been produced in saucy Central and South American cultures.  Wherever it came from isn’t so important, all I know is I love it.  Just as English city-dwellers sought pastoral landscapes to connect them to nature, Ikat truly sparks an innermost tribal passion.  Something about the movement of the striations evokes organized chaos that can really add to a space or sing backup when subtlety is needed.

Its everywhere: Artfully Adored

Ikat comes in a plethora of color combinations and fabrics and can be found everywhere from adorning mahogany sofas at a Christie’s auction to fluffing pillows at Main Street America’s big-box retailer.  Expect to see it continue its resurgence this year on everything from plates to pillows to draperies and everything else in between.  This is one indigenous prediction that won’t disappoint unlike the Mayan Apocalypse.

Pepto-Bismol always delivers: Marcus Design

2 very fancy and pricey ladies: Ivy and Vine

2 dates for the price of one expensive date: Ivy and Vine

A variation of the standard: Marcus Design

Something different for those once in a lifetime moments: Burke Decor

Something different for those once-in-a-lifetime moments: Burke Decor

Even regular dudes can Ikat: Design Sponge

hmm plush towels: Pottery Barn

Wallpaper? Mary is always right: Million Dollar Decorators