#WhatISaw this Weekend

It pays to get out the house because it always ends in learning something new.  This Labor Day weekend I was getting cabin fever so I decided to trek a short distance to visit Boyles Furniture & Rugs flagship store in Mocksville, NC for its big holiday weekend sale.

If you aren’t familiar with the company, it has been around for over 60 years as the go-to location for top-notch furniture brands such as Baker, Drexel and Henredon, at discounted prices.  The company experienced the quake of the recession, but has reemerged this year with a rejuvenated vision that is bound to attract shoppers and designers across the spectrum in search of timeless, well-made pieces.  Below are some pictures of my favorites from the trip.

Iphone Aug2013 101

Metal Moroccan pouf side table

Iphone Aug2013 100

Iphone Aug2013 096

Iphone Aug2013 099

Great metallic lamp that will fit anywhere

Iphone Aug2013 098

Adjustable height table

Iphone Aug2013 094

Iphone Aug2013 092

Iphone Aug2013 091

lovely Baker vignette

Iphone Aug2013 089

Sturdy side table with detailed metal top

Iphone Aug2013 088

Killer sideboard with shell inlaid doors

Iphone Aug2013 084

Updated medieval

Iphone Aug2013 090

Iphone Aug2013 086

Iphone Aug2013 085

If you visit Boyles you will be overcome with welcoming employees willing to assist and maybe even hand you a cool beverage while you peruse.  While there, I met one of the Boyles owners and his wife who together own a furniture brand called Snug Furniture.  They have some amazing globally inspired pieces for inside and outside the home.  Check Snug out below.

Iphone Aug2013 102

Asian inspired rattan side table

Iphone Aug2013 095

Remind you of something? The Beijing Olympic nest….brilliant

Cloud chair: AllModern

Decorative ball we thought would make an awesome hanging light fixture

Decorative ball we thought would make an awesome hanging light fixture

Slope chair and ottoman: Boyles


2013 Forecast: Blue Collar Cool

Perfectly coiffed and scruffed: B L Z R S N D J C K T S

Is it just me or does the sight of today’s army of bike riding hipsters transport you to simpler days gone by.  Their precisely distressed work boots and cool tees (with sleeves rolled) send visions of hardworking blue collar guys marching off to respectable salaries and long days at the factories of old industrial America.  Although the hipster lifestyle isn’t as bargain basement as it appears, the mentality of creative independent thinking combined with Made in America style evokes an awfully cool vibe.  With the cold shoulder of self-righteousness aside, I dig their vintage.

You’re only so hard with neck accessories: The Sartorialist

Smartly looking off into the distance at his own reflection: B L Z R S N D J C K T S

Cool bike: The Sartorialist

Takes one to know one: The Hipster Comic

Like the rise of the hipster, old school reproductions and industrial inspired pieces are making a blast from the past.  Imagine mid-century modern, Restoration Hardware and your neighborhood consignment had a litter of puppies.  Rustic metal and distressed wood are the star employees of the design factory.  Whether you currently pay gentrifying rent in the hipster mecca (Williamsburg) or you just desire a little grit in your place…try infusing some vintage finds and looks into your place.  Go ahead and even guzzle a few PBRs with your bros to salute this new American retro.

Kickin stools: Obsolete

Those pendants and built-in stools are so cool: A Life’s Design

Locker room storage for mud room convenience: Listed District


The table and sconces are everything: Girlie Modern

Get creative and make a cool janitor display: Rambling Renovators

Crank up the style: Restoration Hardware

Crank up the style: Restoration Hardware


Wine rack…excuse to be a lush: Elements I love

Modern Anthology

Ideal retail example: Modern Anthology