Baby Got Back…

…Backsplash that is.

The options for backsplashes has  exploded over the years.  New types, styles and shapes of tiles continuously hit the market.  In addition, other creative materials are available such as mirror, wood cladding and metals to name a few.  I recently came across a new idea that was truly brilliant…..FABRIC.  I know you are imagining stains and greasy messes hitting your precious textile backsplash that you painstakingly picked out and applied to the wall.  Don’t worry because the fabric can be made in-destructive if you sandwich it between glass before applying it to the wall.  Glass makes the fabric maintain its vibrant color and it is easily cleaned.  Adam Rolston of Incorporated Architecture & Design achieved this for a couple’s Manhattan apartment that was finished to evoke their memories of life across the pond in London-town.  Adam commented that it does take a skilled glass company to accomplish but the feat can be done for any space if the fabric isn’t too thick.  Check it out in this cozy country kitchen in the city.

Lee Jofa’s Lauretta fabric

Mixing cabinet finishes adds interest

Color pop on the shutters adds dimension and controls natural light

Love the Ceaserstone countertop. So there really is a world outside of granite?

*All photos provided by House Beautiful