Dream Home Files

If you have an infatuation with vivid colors, pattern and vivacious fervor of more opulent days gone by, you must be familiar with Miles Redd.  He is a Manhattan based designer with uptown stylings but his southern Atlanta-born roots show through his design charm.  In the February issue of House Beautiful, Redd’s work on a Brooklyn Townhouse was exhibited in perfect East meets West meets South fashion.  The article started with the ideal phrase “no stone unturned and no wall uncovered”… PERFECTION! This narrow abode was adorned in rich grassclothes, intricate Chinese papers and even feathers.  The bold color choices, sultry texture stories and the layered artwork trick the mind into not caring about the tightness of the 2-room-per-floor townhouse and instead concentrate more on the individual moments.  That is why, for a change, Redd exclaimed the importance of smart room planning and pushing the furniture closer to the walls in small rooms.  Not to mention the idea that more furniture in a small space not only adds seating but a bigger feeling.  Check it out, it is brilliant.

That sofa is so plush and masculine which contracts richly against the walls, art and patterns

Killer art party on the wall

My favorite color [blue] and my favorite room

Peep the chandelier


Classic with a pop

Custom peacock feather wallpaper

Miles Redd

*All photos provided by House Beautiful


Oddities: Frightful Accessories

It’s hallow’s eve and the dead, undead and everything else in between are roaming the Earth in search of their next fright.  What if those creatures of mayhem and the creepy crawlies you despise were permanent fixtures in your living space.  It may be hard to imagine but there is a valid place in design for what some consider disturbing.  When you enter a store such as Creel and Gow in New York, emotions of overwhelming dismay may arrest you at the sight of the collection of international curiosities.  Look below to see if you have the stomach.

$10k deconstructed Lobster: Creel & Gow

$3k Peacock: Creel & Gow

Now I am not promoting gathering your shotgun and going furniture and accessories shopping in the forest behind your house.  However, adding a stuffed dead animal here, an empty terrapin shell there and you have a well dressed place.  It’s not for everybody but here are some concrete examples that may take your mind off the dreadfulness.

Peep the bird pirched on the Asian cabinet: Traditional Home

Mary McDonald: Pinterest

Kelly Wearstler’s horn table is insane: musings et cetera

Can you count all the fine-feathered friends? Sawyer Berson

Antlers galore: Simplified

Slightly overkill but still chic: Pinterest

Not sure what mastadon this came from but its intriguing? Just kidding, its a tree: The Style Saloniste

#WhatIsaw at High Point Market

I just marked off one of my longest running bucket list items…. attending High Point Furniture Market.  In brief conversation with a good family friend/ designer extraordinaire that was planning to attend the fall market, I blurted out “OMG I have always wanted to go!”  To my surprise she invited me to tag along as a design enthusiest/ maven-in-training.

I have been to High Point many times on random shopping trips and it always had a kinda sleepy drabness to the place, but it surely livens up for market.  The streets buzzed with cars and buses, while busy buyers, dealers and designers scurried the sidewalks and showroom corridors in search of the next big thing.  We walked for miles visiting showrooms where I witnessed the most amazing colors, fabrics, designs and trends that you know I couldn’t wait to share.

Killer Lighting & Dramatic Groupings

October 2013 076

October 2013 080

Archaic yet new

October 2013 049

Chicly drink bubbly under these droplets

October 2013 068

Sexy Shagreen Finishes

October 2013 074

October 2013 069

Peep the metal and shagreen console

Bold Accessories

October 2013 075

October 2013 058

Everybody wave at the Malachite

October 2013 079

You know I love gold and bronze, it weighs on me

October 2013 081

Animated Woods

October 2013 077

October 2013 082

Perfect stacked wood for the library stacks

October 2013 061

This is just a taste of the many things I saw, loved, hated and was dazed by.  It was a great introduction and experience I look forward to returning to explore some more.  I guess the old adage really does hold some weight “it’s not what you know, but who you know.”  And it paid off big time.