Ohh Horchow

Horchow’s new ads for the warmer season are popping up in media depicting what it calls “the new kind of elegance”.  I have always held this brand in high regard because it critically chooses only the best and then places it all together in one centralized catalog.  If you are not familiar, The Horchow Collection is the oldest luxury catalog around and just for an idea of the level of luxuriousness, it falls under the silken corporate umbrella of Neiman Marcus.  Although overall pretty pricey at first glance, it is a great place to get ideas of what is new and haute.  The collection is very lux yet still inviting due to the warm, textured fabrics and the mixture of modern lines with traditional details.  They even brought mod sexy back with good ole wood paneling.  Here are some of my favorites in the new arrivals:

horchow 1

Center entry table $1,699

Candice Olson (love her) dressers $2,149

Mona Velvet sofa $4,999

Mona Velvet sofa $4,999 and Berger chair $2,249

Cozy Harper pillows $120

horchow 3

Dining chairs $1,299

Capiz Flower Burst Pendant Light $690

Night & Day Pendant Light $2,220

Mercury Candelstick Lamps $295, Isabella Console $5,599

*All photos courtesy of Horchow Collection

Who knew knotty pine was still where its at?



#WhatIsaw at High Point Market

I just marked off one of my longest running bucket list items…. attending High Point Furniture Market.  In brief conversation with a good family friend/ designer extraordinaire that was planning to attend the fall market, I blurted out “OMG I have always wanted to go!”  To my surprise she invited me to tag along as a design enthusiest/ maven-in-training.

I have been to High Point many times on random shopping trips and it always had a kinda sleepy drabness to the place, but it surely livens up for market.  The streets buzzed with cars and buses, while busy buyers, dealers and designers scurried the sidewalks and showroom corridors in search of the next big thing.  We walked for miles visiting showrooms where I witnessed the most amazing colors, fabrics, designs and trends that you know I couldn’t wait to share.

Killer Lighting & Dramatic Groupings

October 2013 076

October 2013 080

Archaic yet new

October 2013 049

Chicly drink bubbly under these droplets

October 2013 068

Sexy Shagreen Finishes

October 2013 074

October 2013 069

Peep the metal and shagreen console

Bold Accessories

October 2013 075

October 2013 058

Everybody wave at the Malachite

October 2013 079

You know I love gold and bronze, it weighs on me

October 2013 081

Animated Woods

October 2013 077

October 2013 082

Perfect stacked wood for the library stacks

October 2013 061

This is just a taste of the many things I saw, loved, hated and was dazed by.  It was a great introduction and experience I look forward to returning to explore some more.  I guess the old adage really does hold some weight “it’s not what you know, but who you know.”  And it paid off big time.

Trinidad James meets Jonathan Adler?

If 2 guys were ever further apart on the spectrum of dude-ism, Trinidad James and Jonathan Adler are the extremes.

  1. Trinidad James spits colorful rhymes, while Jonathan Adler designs colorful furnishings.
  2. Trinidad calls the mean streets of ATL home, while Jonathan prefers the the posh avenues of the Big Apple.
  3. Trinidad was discovered on Youtube, while Jonathan launched at Barneys.
  4. Jonathan uses pops of color, while Trinidad pops a Molly- he sweatin, WHEW!!

But there is one thing that connects their two worlds…and it’s All Gold Everything.  Trinidad James channels the spirit of Jonathan Adler in his song as he professes his love of ”Gold all in my chain, Gold all in my ring, Gold all in my watch – Don’t believe me jus’ watch”.  Jonathan appreciates the sheen of gold and bronze when sprinkled on anything from accessories to tables to wallpaper.

The Midas Touch has made a resurgence in the world of design.  Metallics no longer spook homeowners with the spirit of antiquated granny dens but are the forbearers of good style to come.  Now we are talking the subtlety of mom’s gold Chanel earrings, not the gaudiness of Trump Tower so don’t over do it.  Check out some of Jonathan’s blinged out creations:

Available now at Jonathan Adler

Peep the gold tree: L’ esthetique

Jonathan Adler teardrop table