My Foreign Lover

Oh Asia….. Me Love You Long Time!!

I have to admit something.  I am addicted to Chinese furnishings. It is my absolute favorite design genre.  The foo dogs, golden screens, delicate textiles and papers, and dynasty tables send chills down my spine.  I don’t exactly know what draws me to this style but I feel it brings such a warm spirit that contemporary pieces can’t always achieve.  The older and slightly distressed the better.  As I always say, every room needs a natural or cultural presence with a hint of history.  However, an overdose of Asian influence leans heavily on poor sanitation grade Chinese takeout more than it does chic.  So just mix this in with your regular style and you will have gotten it just right.

The best places to uncover these finds are not always the shiny storefronts but more often the back alley second-hand palaces.  Although more authentic and unique items can fetch values higher than your Sallie Mae student loan, anyone can find their own piece of the orient after a fun search.

Dynasty Art: Paul Feiton Design

Peep the chairs: La Dolce Vita

Foo dogs & malachite: Shelter Interior Design

Blossoming paper: Marcus Design

Pagoda detail: Splendid Sass

Lacquered Chest: House Beautiful

I die for Blue & White ceramics: Grant Gibson

Everybody loves Chinese Garden Stools: Pinterest

Moody Chinoiserrie paper: Elle Decor

Moody Chinoiserie paper: Elle Decor


Blue Hues: Lite

While flipping through several interiors periodicals last Sunday morning, I noticed a recurring element.  Every so many sips of coffee my eyes witnessed shades of light blue on walls, pillows and chairs.  Usually I am not drawn to pastels but blue is my favorite color and it is only befitting of a Carolina Tarheel Alum.  Every blue moon, blue reappears on the color wheel scene before warmer tones recollect their spotlight.  It is good to see these refreshing color this summer in both muted and vibrant tones.  By George! If it’s good enough for the royal family, it is good enough for me.

Baby Prince George: US Magazine

Bar cart: Zinc Decor

Matchbook: Pinterest

matchbook blue

Anna Matthews: Matchbook

Kathryn Ireland: Rue


Life is funny….oh and its hard.  Not so much that I scream Edvard Munch style but life can really suck sometimes.  Bills, job, lack of job, under-employing job, over-employing and overly-stressful job, work environment, the corporate ladder (or foot stool), friends, family, relationships, boo thangs and side-pieces, weight gain and loss….oh and my favorite money, money, money (the one thing I never seem to have).  All of this can be a real Debbie Downer when things don’t fall into place.  Sometimes you just need inspiration from something beautiful and I found it in blogs.

I love blogs in all shapes and sizes, genres and leans.  Fashion and street style, food, urban design, gossip and most importantly interior design.  There is something special about an amazing room, an evoking mood board or a hideous abstract painting that makes you ask yourself….”why do I want this shit?”

After perusing the blog-o-sphere for years I realized that I should make my contribution to the design world I so admire and share my own perspective.  With that said, I welcome you to WOdesignDUDE blog…..I am the W.O. the novice connoisseur dude of insatiable design and the trappings of a desirable lifestyle.  For an idea of what to expect, check out pics of things I adore from my favorite blogs



Ethereal glamour: La Dolce Vita



Simple, masculine mid-century: Aphro Chic



My long-term love affair with blue and whites: High Street Market



Emerald…the “it” color: everything LEB