Living Room for Living

Living rooms are made for LIVING!  Many are either too formal to wrinkle or too comfy to accept guests.  You should be able to lounge but also have pride in your space.  That is a mantra everyone should follow and have fun doing so.

For Lady E’s new home comfort was key but also creating a place to invite guests was just as important.  We had some inherited furniture pieces from her old apartment that were in good condition and didn’t warrant blowing the budget to replace.

Dec 14 2014 275 USE

Normally I am not crazy about sectionals but her existing one fit the space and provided ample seating.  We added pillows and a lively Safavieh rug that set the color palette for the rest of the space and contrasted with the neutral grey fabric and cocoa walls.

Dec 14 2014 258 USE

The only issue was that the sectional shut off a portion of the room.  To alleviate wasting space, we placed her keyboard on the front wall, set a reading chair in the corner and squeezed a cool metal accent table and lamp behind the sofa.

The mustard yellow leather chair, from At Home, adds an element of surprise and creates an amazing color story under the African art prints we scored at  and the awesome elephant head that fit perfectly between the two.

May new Pics 117 USE

The abstract artwork from Havertys keeps things modern but the West Elm coffee table and accessories ensure that the space isn’t too modern or cold.


Dec 14 2014 261 USE

An entertainment cabinet was found at the local HomeGoods and provides ample storage.  The weathered wood finish contrasts other woods but adds to the natural feel, while the openness doesn’t weigh down the room visually.  Plus the open concept forces you to stay neat and tidy.

Dec 14 2014 271 USE

Lastly some African artifacts found on travels and at local antique stores fit perfectly into the niche over the fireplace.  The Henry Matisse print adds color and ups the eclectic nature of the space.

Dec 14 2014 263 USE2


My Favorites: Aphro Chic

Since we are chatting about art this week, I had to make a plug for one of my favorite design blogs Aphro Chic: modern. soulful. style.  It is the brainchild of the intelligencia team of Mr. Bryan (a Ph.D. student) and Mrs. Jeanine (an attorney).  This interior design blog and its creators has been featured in numerous mainstream media behemoths such as Elle Decor, The New York Times and even America’s favorite: HGTV.  As if their resume wasn’t impressive enough, this married couple has a well-honed eye for style with vibrant ethnic and global influences.  In addition, they frequently put their readers up on game by exposing us to some amazing up-and-coming artists.  If you didn’t already know, now you know so log-in for the Nubian inspiration.  Here are some of my favorite art pieces featured on the blog: