1st Christmas

I “moved on up to the west side” this summer into my new “deluxe apartment in the sky-y-yyyy”!  Well more like my 1980s shagadelic second floor condo.

The layout was perfect when my realtor and I walked through for the first time… moldings and casings… formal rooms that flow… spacious bedrooms… and most importantly a dishwasher (you try living without one).  Only issue was the space was rough with wallpaper that hung on for dear life, dusty light fixtures and an 80s mirrored dining room.  And that was just the living and dining rooms.  Check out the Ghost of Condo’s Past below:

I have been working on the place and pulling it together and am ready to share with you this holiday; my first Christmas in the new spot.  The living room is still a work-in-progress but it has come together well.


Dec 18_2015 018 USEDec 18_2015 016 USE

Every year I purchase new coordinating wrapping papers which make the chore of wrapping more exciting.  Don’t spend too much because they are just going to get ripped to smithereens anyway.  Check out places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls.  Oh and try colors outside the red and green norms, have fun.Dec 18_2015 028 USEDec 18_2015 021

Some old’school garland, ornaments and an oversized star pumped up the festiveness of this antique candelabra from Idlewild House.Dec 18_2015 029 USE

I didn’t need the TV stand anymore but it works as an occasional table between these lovely curtain panels I spotted on sale at JCP.  Believe it or not, that wide seat chair is hella comfortable (similar at World Market).Dec 18_2015 035 USE

Love the tribal feel of the beaded tangerine pillow from West Elm.  It pulls out the colors of the artwork around the room .Dec 18_2015 037 USE

My favorite spot to kick back and chill out under the light of the bamboo textured lamp.  And every room needs an animal guardian… my preference is a horse, of course.Dec 18_2015 042 USE

The TV still needs to be mounted but the position created a holiday decoration opportunity.Dec 18_2015 026 USEDec 18_2015 033 USE


The dining room had its own challenges, as you probably saw above.  There were about 50 mirrored panels glued to the wall over heavy duty wallpaper.  Taking it down destroyed the walls and called for a professional wall coating guy.  Painted the walls a Mindful Gray on top and Witch Hazel below the rail.  The space gets plenty traffic as it is the pass-through from the foyer to the living room and kitchen.  Kept the space simple with just the table and plenty of space to move around.  Check it out:

Dec 18_2015 010 USE

Love these horns I picked up from Drexel Heritage.  They add height and keep the table sharp… pun intended.Dec 18_2015 015 USE

The Home Depot fixture provides ample light while still setting the mood with traditional shades.  The Andy Warhol always adds a bit of whimsy.Dec 18_2015 014 USE


Stay tuned for more pics from this adventure called renovation and decoration.


Its a new day…. a new year

Hello and Happy New Year!  It has been almost a year since I last published.  It was a long and interesting year of ups and downs, however, it concluded with anticipation of good things to come.  I send a massive thank you to those of you who continue to follow me even though I went into retreat without a Dear John Letter of my where-abouts.  Now, I have a positive outlook and am hereby resolving to become reconnected in the blog-o-sphere, as well as to be the change I want to see in my life.  I have always imagined what it would be like to be an entrepreneur, to live a life of creative improvisation and to reap the pleasures of life from doing so.  So this year, 2015, is my year to make strides to be the “me” I want to see.

My first step is to turn my private passion for interior design into a legitimate public vision.  I have been maintaining a side-hustle of design work for family and friends.  It has kept me busy and mentally occupied when fists of life were slapping me silly.  These design experiences has given me insight of how to take an idea from incubation to a complete space as well as how to deal with an overwhelmed client.  So with that, I am taking the leap of faith to develop my own business, W.O. Design.  Look out for more information in future posts.

In addition, I am taking the advice of my pastor from many Sundays ago.  BE VULNERABLE!  It makes you human and you can’t live and experience without that opportunity to be hurt, to love, to cry and to be encouraged.  I take this opportunity to open up the doors of my personal abode a.k.a My Design Lab.  I was my first and worst and best client all at the same time.  I still haven’t gotten it perfect and likely never will.  However, I cherish the opportunity to keep trying to get it right.

The small but Great Room

My Pics 067

The room is very narrow so sofa size was very important. This is the second one I bought and had delivered. This apartment-sized find was just right. The vintage glass top table adds surface but doesn’t clutter or weigh down the narrow space.

My Pics 065

Some can be cheesy but I loved the cityscape pictures. It spoke to me as an urban planner.

My Pics 068

For a pop of color, I bought a cheap frame and painted it bright blue. It really makes the black/white print stand out.

My Pics 062

The Buddha adds color and the patina adds natural flavor, as does the wooden sunburst.

old phone 019

old phone 018

When you want a garden stool you can never find what you want. Got this one for $40 in a hideous mauve and sprayed it tangerine.

The grub spot a.k.a. Kitchen

My Pics 076

The half-wall and spindles are the 1950s version of the “open concept” home. The Andy Warhol “Campbell’s Soup Can” is my ode to mid-century.

My Pics 080

Found this print at the Habitat-for-Humanity ReStore for 3 bucks. Found an old $29 frame and had it framed and matted. Scored for around $130ish for a huge piece of artwork.