Dem Walls is Bad

Rarely do I find something that is so unique it bewilders me how nobody ever thought of it before.  I know wallpaper is coming back stronger and stronger each year.  In addition, wall coverings are becoming more and more innovative.  But what I saw on YAYdecor, the blog by HGTV Star Tiffany, took my breath away.  Who’da thunk of watercolor wallpaper.  It is like a moving painting enveloping an entire wall or room.  The color is so vibrant yet not obtrusive and the pattern is constantly flowing yet not overwhelming.  Black Crow Studios is the creative genius company that envisioned these totally “bad ass” papers that come custom or in ready-to-print rolls that can be shipped quickly.  I would love to see this on a dining room wall or welcoming you into a stylish downtown foyer.

Robert Passala design: YAYdecor

Wendy Schwartz: YAYdecor

Wendy Schwartz: YAYdecor

My favorites that are available on the site:

Source: Black Crow Studios


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