Oddities: Frightful Accessories

It’s hallow’s eve and the dead, undead and everything else in between are roaming the Earth in search of their next fright.  What if those creatures of mayhem and the creepy crawlies you despise were permanent fixtures in your living space.  It may be hard to imagine but there is a valid place in design for what some consider disturbing.  When you enter a store such as Creel and Gow in New York, emotions of overwhelming dismay may arrest you at the sight of the collection of international curiosities.  Look below to see if you have the stomach.

$10k deconstructed Lobster: Creel & Gow

$3k Peacock: Creel & Gow

Now I am not promoting gathering your shotgun and going furniture and accessories shopping in the forest behind your house.  However, adding a stuffed dead animal here, an empty terrapin shell there and you have a well dressed place.  It’s not for everybody but here are some concrete examples that may take your mind off the dreadfulness.

Peep the bird pirched on the Asian cabinet: Traditional Home

Mary McDonald: Pinterest

Kelly Wearstler’s horn table is insane: musings et cetera

Can you count all the fine-feathered friends? Sawyer Berson

Antlers galore: Simplified

Slightly overkill but still chic: Pinterest

Not sure what mastadon this came from but its intriguing? Just kidding, its a tree: The Style Saloniste


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