Making it Real

Two weekends ago several of my best college cronies paid me a visit for my birthday weekend.  This mini-reunion was the ultimate gift and a much needed reprieve.  While catching up there was a common thread that bound us together.  The mid-20s life crisis has slapped each of us in the face in some way or another.  You know what I’m talking about:

I hate my job!

I think I am in the wrong grad program!

I work too hard to be so broke!

I need to just get my life together!

Why didn’t anyone prep us for adulthood?  College exit counseling should include a real world simulator so we have the option to become super-super seniors instead.

Although it was refreshing to know I wasn’t alone in my personal quarrels, more inspiration was needed.  Then I read’s Young Guns 2013 list of creative types in the fields of design, architecture and development, all under the age of 35.  One of the finalists caught my attention.

Max Humphrey: Curbed

Max Humphrey was a 20-something looking for a new career [how ironic].  While chilling in a LA coffee shop he realized that is love of decorating his apartment was more than just a treatment for boredom. One day he answered a nondescript Craigslist ad for a part-time design assistant that ended up being for the well-know Burnham Design firm.  Over seven years he grew and tweaked his colorful-quirky style, worked on more than 100 projects and climbed his way up to partner.  This ex- punk band bassist has done good for himself.  Check out some of his work:

Design milestone for Max: His apartment in the September issue of Lonny Magazine

I guess the dream can be real.  Some young guns are out there making it real…..are you?


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