Glass Houses

As the saying goes “People that live in glass houses should not throw stones.”  But given the sexiness of glass and transparency, I think they should throw fabulous parties instead.

Mies Van der Rohe: Design Rulz

Mies Van der Rohe: Design Rulz


Considering every good party results in something or somebody getting broken or broke-off [haha], maybe people should just accent their homes with indestructible glass-like materials such as lucite, acryllic and plexiglass to get the same effect.  These ghostly materials are naturally indicative of fun.  Clear furniture pieces add excitement while not weighing down visual space.  They work perfectly in small spaces or when you desire to keep the site-line of a space uninterrupted by the function of seating or tabling.  My first exposure to such materials utilized in high design was the Kartell Louis Ghost Chair.  Now the market has grown to include many colors and various furniture items and collaborations.

Bench $1999: Rojo 16

Coffee table $764: Wisteria

Geoffrey Bradfield: NY Social Diary

Mogolian lamb bench: Jonathan Adler

Geoffrey Bradfield: NY Social Diary

Chandelier $673: Zinc Door

Bond desk $2800: Jonathan Adler

Acryllic driftwood stool: Pinterest

Dining Table $2995: Modshop

Yves Klein Table Bleue: Artware Editions

Game room: Decor Pad


One thought on “Glass Houses

  1. We are the biggest fans of lucite and have several Louis Ghost Chairs. We are dying for the Jonathan Adler coffee table in our beach house and after seeing the lucite ping pong table, we have something new to add to the wish list! Thrilled to be your newest followers ~


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