The Dream

Everyone has a dream they strive to achieve or at least a notion they store at the back of their subconscious as a reminder that if they one day tell their boss to “shove it”, they have a much more exciting plan B to fall back on.  Sometime I feel there are so many floating around in my head that cumulus clouds are forming.  But I am not alone… Carrie dreamed of a spacious closet to store her love and retail addiction….

and LeBron dreamed of winning a gaudy Championship ring, twice.

As for me, I have dreamed of the perfect urban apartment.  It would be located in a debonair historic edifice with picturesque views of the city, heavy moldings and character-to-boot.  A little overdose on the decor with enlivened art, bold pattern mixtures and saturated color splashes.  In the April issue of Architectural Digest I found my Shangri-La.  Not only was the space inspiring but so was the story of its owner, David Jimenez, who worked his way up from folding basics at Gap to becoming an executive at Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and now Hallmark Cards, based in Kansas City.  My favorites were the adventurous rugs, unique antiques, the dynamic monochromatic artwork and the sumptuously textured furnishings.  Hopefully you too can find your definition of the epitome of design perfection because we all need something to dream for.

David Jimenez, AD

Living Room, AD

Entry, AD

Library, AD

Dining Room, AD

Master Bedroom, AD

Dressing Room, AD

Music Closet, AD


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