Stark and Dark

As I glossed through the gossip blogs I was swarmed by stories of the oncoming spawn of the mega media gods: Kim K. and Kanye….better known as Kimye.  Now I truly respect the gangsta of these two.  He is the grande mixoligist of verbiage and she is the ultimate come-up story…..from riches to even more riches.  It is crazy what can happen to someone’s status when they have the right combination of drive, ambition and ASSets (both financial and anatomical)- Ladies take note.

Anyway, I digress….

Now I am not an Illuminati conspiracy theorist but one can’t help but think that this union is almost too good to be true.  Could this be the coming antichrist?  Well if he is, he is going to have the heavenliest of wardrobes in the takeover.

These two recently came together to prove the love of their union for Interview magazine.  In the act, the lens caught the bewitching contrast of his ebony against her ivory flesh.

Love and Lust: Daily Mail

This color combo never fails whether it is portrayed in grayscale photos, adorned in fashionable ensembles or spread throughout sophisticated spaces.  The black n’ white blend has a sense of seriousness that evokes modernity but also has a refined beauty that all can appreciate.  When it comes to design, the two colors can be made more inviting when paired with natural fibers and woods.  This ying and yang palette doesn’t always have to be cold, industrial and stiff.  The colors also shine when paired with sleek metals and a pop of color.  Look below for inspiration.

Warming wood: A Life’s Design

Oscars Green Room: High Street Market

A$AP Rocky: Interview


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